Gaining quantitative insights from cell microscopy images can be a tedious task. A deep understanding of image analysis and bioinformatics concepts is required. When analyzing images, biologists are distracted by software errors and screens full of cryptic analysis configuration parameters. Data is processed on slow computers and sharing results with others can be difficult. Generating meaningful statistics from the results requires yet more effort. When refining the analysis, more parameters are adjusted meaning more delays before extracting any useful insights from the data. While outsourcing can address some of these pains, it often requires long discussions, and the dependency on contractors can lead to results being irreproducible or not to specification.

Introducing Cellexpress. Cellexpress is an effortless one-stop platform for performing image analysis, statistics and data visualization – empowering biologists to extract quantitative insights from cell microscopy images. Cellexpress provides a pleasant user interface allowing for web-based interactions with everything from images to plots. Cellexpress runs CellProfiler on advanced ad-hoc clusters for super-fast calculations. With analysis and software versions locked in ‘docker’ containers, no more surprises running old projects after software updates! Cellexpress provides a library of preset analysis configurations with working examples, exposing only the most relevant parameters. For custom tasks, describe your needs and request specialized analysis. Get expert help from within your team or externally and manage it through cellexpress. Upload your images, wherever they are. Annotate wells with matching tags and now they are ready for processing! Images are processed in the cloud, as cheap or as fast as you need it. When the results are ready, view them as a heatmap together with their corresponding values. Quickly reference the pre-defined well annotations in the same view. Click the heatmap to display images within a well. Explore your data! Browse through imaging channels and calculated overlays. Another handy feature is live boxplotting of results! Customize the boxplots and highlight your message. Exclude a single well or an entire annotation group and view the updated plots. Download images and plots for use in your slide deck. Iteratively refine your analyses by simply processing more images, adjusting analysis parameters or requesting additional expert help.

Cellexpress - A fresh take on cell image analysis. Just handle the biology, we’ll take care of everything else! Visit us at cellexpress.io and click here for a live demo.