Oculus Camera Mount

A custom fitted camera mount was designed for the Oculus Rift DK2 and created to hold two wide-angle fisheye lens cameras. The cameras add the ability to provide a stereoscopic real-world view to the user. The field of view for each camera was set to 90° for this mixed reality application. The double-camera mount prototype was 3D printed allowing for adjusting the interpupillary distance as well as the angle of inclination for convergence between the 2 cameras. These adjustments were designed to be independent of one another. Camera resolution was at 640 480 pixels each. It was found that the interpupillary distance had the greatest contribution to double vision - and was hence adjusted differently from one user to another. The prototype was designed to be as lightweight and stable as possible to avoid excessive added weight to the headset and undesired play during head motion respectively. An existing leap motion attachment was used to attach the camera mount to the headset.

The manuscript was published in MICCAI 2018 can be found here.